Financial Solutions

Wealth Management for Your Family

A successful wealth management strategy is one that provides you and your family today and preserves enough for future generations. To achieve this success, a financial strategy must be comprehensive. That’s why we work with your attorney, trustee, accountant, and other professionals as necessary to create a customized strategy that considers all your wealth management needs.

Depending on your stage of life and types of concerns, your financial professional will help you find the appropriate solutions to issues like funding for education or retirement, tax planning,1 protecting your assets and your family, and organizing your estate.

Wealth Accumulation

Wealth Protection

Wealth Distribution

Financial Solutions for You and Your Business


Wealth Accumulation


With the right asset allocation,2 we can help develop an investment strategy that balances potential risk and return by diversifying your assets across several investment categories. We’ll take into account your risk tolerance, liquidity needs, as well as your short-term and long-term goals.College Funding

College Funding

We can help you choose the right savings and
investment vehicles, and the best plans available
for financing an education.


Retirement Planning

If you are planning for a source of retirement, we can help you evaluate all of your existing plans: pensions, 401 (k)s, IRAs, and annuities. We can also assess the tax consequences of your IRA Rollover and assist in implementing your decision.


Wealth Protection

Survivorship Protection

We can help you develop a strategy using life insurance to provide the income your heirs will need to maintain their way of life.

Asset Protection

We can recommend ways to help protect your hard-earned retirement savings and your independent lifestyle should you or your spouse need long term care. 

Disability Income InsuranceLong Term Care and Disability

Often overlooked is the need to protect one’s current income stream and future earnings in the event of a disability. We can help you protect your future earnings from such an event.

Long Term Care Insurance

We can help you protect your assets from the rising cost of long term care that can affect your financial future and that of your loved ones. 


Wealth Distribution

Long Term Care Insurance

With the right strategy, your can control your assets according to your wishes, as well as minimize taxes, reduce administrative costs, and ensure the effective management of your affairs should you become incapacitated. You may also be interested in developing charitable or family gifting strategies to pass along your wealth. Based on your individual situation, we can recommend techniques for approaching these challenges.

1. The financial analysis and recommendations are not intended to replace the need for an independent tax, accounting, or legal review. Individuals are advised to seek the counsel of such licensed professionals. 

2. Diversification helps manage the risk that comes with investing, but does not guarantee against loss.


Financial Solutions for You
and Your Business

Working closely with you and your legal and tax advisors we can help you reach your business and estate planning goals with solutions that will maximize your personal benefits, provide the tools to recruit and retain employees, and create ownership succession strategies. These solutions can help you build your business and transfer wealth to future generations. Once your customized plan is in place, we continue to support you by conducting annual reviews to ensure that the plan is on track.

Retirement Planning

Qualified plans can help owners and employees build financial independence. Some examples are 401 (k), pension, profit sharing, SIMPLE, and Defined Benefit plans.

Executive Compensation Strategies

We design supplemental pension, deferred compensation, executive bonus, and other retirement and incentive compensation programs. These programs motivate key people with financial incentives that enhance job security. 

Employee Benefits

We can help you create the employee benefit package that is right for your business, including: disability income insurance, long term care insurance, group medical, group dental, employee voluntary plans, and cafeteria plans.1 

Educational Services

We can conduct seminars for your employees on their retirement packages. And as a value-added service, we offer educational seminars on a variety of financial topics. 

Key Person Insurance

The death of a key employee can create serious problems for a business. We can help you protect against this loss.

Business Succession Planning

Our succession strategies can be catered to your wealth transfer objectives. We can provide life insurance funding for a Buy-Sell Agreement to help provide for the orderly disposition of a closely held business if an owner dies, becomes disabled, or sells. 

For Family business owners, we identify alternative strategies to equalize estate assets among all children – whether they’re active or inactive in the family business.


1. Disability, group medical, and group dental are issued by companies other than John Hancock Life Insurance Company.